Saturday, September 21, 2013

Greeners 4 Satan

There's a new Satanic student group on The Evergreen State College campus!  Greeners 4 Satan meets every full moon at dusk in Red Square for The Unholy Gathering.  They also do whatever they can to transform the campus into a more Wicked place.  If you're an Evergreen student, alum, or just a friend of the college, check out their new web-site and facebook group to get involved:

Other upcoming Satanic events will be Satanic Proselytizing in Red Square during disorientation week (tuesday, september 24 from noon - 2pm) and the first day of school (monday, september 30 from noon - 2), and praying to Satan in the 24-hour prayer tent on October 14-15.  Stop by Red Square at Evergreen next week for some Satanic Swag, and don't miss their next Unholy Gathering.  Hail Satan!

Here are links to Greeners 4 Satan upcoming events:

Disorientation week proselytizing:

First day proselytizing in red square:

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