Sunday, October 28, 2012

New film on our local witch hunt of Paul Ingram

The Satanic panic of the 1980s and 1990s destroyed innocent people's lives. Olympia played a shameful part in this witch hunt in the Paul Ingram case. A new 37-minute film, "Paul" by evergreen student filmmaker Nik Nerburn takes another look at this case. It screens as part of "Locals Only" which begins at 2:00pm, Sunday, November 18 at the Capitol Theater in downtown Olympia.  Here are some links:

Locals Only lineup:

More on the Paul Ingram case:

2012 Olympia Film Festival:



    1. this anonymous poster has sent a few other links as well, but they're all from the same site, so this is the last one on this topic that will be posted here, and you'll have no trouble finding the rest with a simple internet search for "alex constantine"

      What do these links have to do with Paul Ingram?

      They certainly reflect the kind of hysteria and bigotry against Satanists and others with odd religious beliefs that make cases like Paul Ingram's possible. Is the CIA behind all of this? Was there a cover-up to make accusations against Michael Aquino go away? Or is it more likely that these above-mentioned witch hunts failed to produce any solid evidence? That the military-industrial complex's vast investments in parapsychological and mind-control research didn't produce the results they were hoping for?

      Do Alex Constantine's rantings constitute "hate speech"?

      We're Satanists. We trust you to hear any kind of speech and decide for yourself whether there's anything to it. If anyone has the time to go through the above links and respond to them, please do so. You'll be doing a great service to the Dark Lord, and everyone else outside the mainstream. The anti-chris has better things to do, however.

      Hail Satan!

  2. From the wiki: The Ingrams were also members of a local Pentecostal church that promoted the idea that Satan could control the minds of Christians

    I think I've identified their problem.