Monday, June 18, 2012

This was full just a minute ago

Who took all the Satanic Prayer Line cards from Caffe vita in Olympia just now?

Who ever you are, Satan is in your heart. We hope you'll use them to share the dark gospel with others. We hope you didn't just remove them to keep our message from others.

This morning at The Evergreen State College we caught a woman removing flyers promoting the June 27 gathering. When confronted, she said she was triggered by them because she is a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

We do not promote abuse, and are not convinced by unsubstantiated claims of satanic ritual abuse. But as many of us are victims of Christian ritual abuse, we are sympathetic to people who believed they have suffered abuse in the name of a religion.

We will continue to post our flyers, because we see no purpose that can be served in being silenced by fear. We are Satanists who have never abused anyone. We are proud to be Satanists and will not be silenced by modern witch-hunters. If you were abused by Jews, would you be justified in purging public spaces of Jewish flyers? No, you would rightly be called a hateful bigot by anyone who saw you doing such a thing.

To everyone removing our flyers: Your traumatic past does not excuse hateful bigotry. We do not try to silence you. Why do you wish to silence us? Is it our very existence you find objectionable? We are here. We are proud to be what we are . We refuse to be silent and closeted any longer. We are Satanists!

Hail Satan!

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