Friday, March 30, 2012

March 2012 Meeting Minutes

The first monthly gathering of Olympia Satanists was a success.  Here's a brief summary of the meeting:

1. We had milk and cookies.  Two Satanists in attendance were vegan, so they abstained from the milk and cookies, but the possibility of bringing vegan cookies to the next gathering was discussed.  The Satanist who brought the cookies did not drink the milk because he preferred to drink pop with cookies.

2. All of us introduced ourselves and our backgrounds.  Most in attendance were atheists or agnostics.  Most grew up in various Christian traditions.

3. We discussed goals for the groups, and possible Satanic activities we could engage in around town and came up with the following ideas and proposals:

  • Focus on activism around church/state separation issues. 
  • Cause mischief and mayhem around town
  • Find a local business to offer a Satanic drink to its patrons.  A few Satanists in attendance invented a drink called the "redrum", which consists of one shot of rum poured in a glass of red wine.  It was proposed that this be adopted as the officially sanctioned drink of the Olympia Satanists.
  • Throw Satanic Parties.  Possible venues were considered, and possible music.  The band "Type O Negative" was proposed as a choice of music.  The Negativeland song "Christianity is Stupid" was also discussed, but consensus could not be reached on whether or not Communism is Good.

4. Possible slogans and logos to represent the Olympia Satanists were discussed.  The slogan "Dare to Know" was proposed, possibly presented with an image of forbidden fruit.  The image of the State Capitol dome with devilish horns affixed was also proposed.  The Satanists in attendance with artistic abilities indicated that they would consider making a few drawings.

5. A mailing list for the group was established, and e-mail invitations for all in attendance were sent out after the gathering.  The mailing list can be joined at the address

6. One attendee discussed briefly his academic studies of the origin of Satan in the Bible.

7. One attendee discussed her academic work on demonic possession and activity/passivity as it relates to gender.

8. One attendee discussed her experiences at another Satanic meeting in another part of the country.  All attendees agreed that it sounded like fun.

9. The possibility of establishing a Satanic Theocracy was discussed briefly, but dismissed as hopelessly unrealistic.

10. We discussed Satanic rituals for sanctifying people or others that had weakened the cause of the godly, but consensus couldn't be reached.  The lion as a Satanic animal was discussed.

11. Satanic candy-filled eggs were distributed to attendees to be hidden during Unholy Week.

12. People were invited to take the extra cookies home with them.  The two vegan attendees declined the offer as the cookies were made with butter and eggs.

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